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Byron Bay Chilli Fish Tacos

Byron Bay Chilli Fish Tacos Recipe

Byron Bay Chilli Fish Tacos Recipe My friend and Australian hot sauce maker John Boland is promoting a fusion cuisine he calls “OxMex,” and this is one of his signature recipes. Fish tacos are almost always good, but with John’s sweet...
Smokin’ Chilli Mullumbimby Recipe

Smokin’ Chilli Mullumbimby Recipe

Smokin’ Chilli Mullumbimby Recipe Yield : 4 servings Heat Scale : Medium Hot My friend John Boland is Australia’s number one hot sauce manufacturer. He lives in Byron Bay, New South Wales, and he writes, “Mullumbimby is our nearest town....
Habanero Carrot Pepper Jelly Recipe

Habanero-Carrot Pepper Jelly Recipe

Habanero-Carrot Pepper Jelly Recipe Yield : 20 ounces (570 g) Heat Scale : Extremely Hot This fiery jelly stunned the tasters at the Pig and Pepper Harvest Festival in Carlisle, Massachusetts. Robert Dixon, who lives and cooks in Winchester,...
Salsa Pimentón Recipe

Salsa Pimentón Recipe

Salsa Pimentón Recipe Yield : About 11/2 cups (354 mL) Heat Scale : Medium The hotbed of chiles in Spain is the valley of La Vera, where the pimientos (chiles) are grown and smoked to make the famous spice pimentón de la Vera. The majority...
Espelette-Piperade Recipe

Espelette-Piperade Recipe

Espelette-Piperade Recipe Yield : About 21/2 cups (591 mL) Heat Scale : Medium The most famous chile in France is piment d’Espelette, or the Espelette pepper, which has become a cultural and culinary icon in the French part of Basque country....

Paperbark Smoked Kangaroo Recipe

Paperbark Smoked Kangaroo Recipe INGREDIENTS 600 gr Kangaroo fillet 2 tbsp olive oil 1/4 roll of paperbark cut in strips 200 gr Quandong 200 gr Spanish onions julienne 120 gr Brown sugar 50 gr Butter 0,25 dl Balsamic vinegar Star Anis, cinnamon...

Kangaroo Rump on Roasted Pumpkin with Beetroot Relish Recipe

Kangaroo Rump on Roasted Pumpkin with Beetroot Relish Recipe INGREDIENTS 1 Kangaroo rump (cut into 3) Pumpkin preferably Japanese blue 1 sprig Rosemary 1 ea Finger chilli 1 clove Garlic. 1 tsp Pepper 1 Tbs Anchovy fillets Π cup Oil 2 ea...

Kangaroo with Quandong Chilli Sauce with Sweet Potato and Bok Choy Recipe

Kangaroo with Quandong Chilli Sauce with Sweet Potato and Bok Choy Recipe INGREDIENTS 800 gms Kangaroo sirloin – preferable in 4 ‘fillet pieces of similar size 4 pieces bok choy SAUCE 100 ml Port wine 2 large medium hot red chilli’s 400...

Kangaroo Loin with Parsnip Puree Rosemary and Spinach Pesto Recipe

Kangaroo Loin with Parsnip Puree Rosemary and Spinach Pesto Recipe INGREDIENTS 180 gms Kangaroo loin fillet 10 gms rosemary 10 gms crushed garlic 10 gms freshly crushed red and green peppercorns 15 ml olive oil 05 gms flaked sea salt METHOD Grind...

Merlot Marinated Kangaroo Steak with Wasabi Mash Recipe

Merlot Marinated Kangaroo Steak with Wasabi Mash Recipe INGREDIENTS 1 kangaroo loin fillet, portioned and marinated 50 organic potatoes, unpeeled 50 butter 150 cream fresh shavings of wasabi 3 clarified butter, to serve INGREDIENTS –...